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Reasons to Use Small Business Cloud Solutions

Save Your Data Single-Handedly with Digital Storage With 94% of organizations using cloud services, data storage is arguably the most important part of any business—especially small to medium-sized businesses that are just getting started. Think of data storage as the brain behind your company. ...

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On-Premise vs. Private Cloud

There’s no doubt that the cloud has made business easier and, for the most part, safer for organizations around the world — and their clients. This is especially true during the pandemic, with remote work being the norm. But not every cloud solution is the same. Affordability, accessibility, and ...

82% of Companies Give Third Parties Access to All Cloud Data

According to research done by the Wiz Research team — a team of cloud security professionals from Microsoft — we’re far too trusting of the parties we do business with. In fact, over 80% of companies provide 3rd party vendors with access to information and data on their cloud — which may cause both ...

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