Frequently Asked Questions

What is endpoint management?

Computer & Network Support

Endpoint management is a fundamental aspect of network security which ensures that any end point (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, POS system app, server) is current with the latest security patches, compliance checks, license management, and identification of technology spread.

Why is it important?

This service is the primary starting point for preventing data security breaches for any of your users on any device at any location.

What is managed endpoint security?

Computer & Network Security

Further security enhancements bring together the protective features of antivirus and anti-malware protection, including Windows and Bomgar/Splashtop (remote assistance software) licensure and monitoring.

Why is it important?

Managed endpoint security brings together the latest software available to take the worry out of any possible threat to your company’s online defense strategy.

What is Office 365 Migration?

Microsoft Office 365 Installs & Updates

Moving from desktop-based Microsoft Office to the cloud-based subscription, Office 365 enables you to have the latest versions of the software in all your devices across your network.

Why is it important?

Premier IT Minnesota seamlessly integrates all these new features across your network, thereby bringing your employees up-to-speed as efficiently as possible.

What is break/fix support for desktop, server, and network?

Computer Desktop, Server & Network Repairs

Think of Premier IT’s break/fix support as your off-site help desk. We respond with speed and skill, no matter what issue you are faced with.

Why is it important?

We bring our expertise and experience to all your software needs. Rather than being overtasked with endless detail, your IT team can keep their attention on the customized work that keeps your business running smoothly.

What is automated/monitored secure cloud backup?

Network Monitoring & Secure Cloud Backup

A vast network of remote servers around the globe exists to help you store and manage your data and deliver content. We employ this system to bring speed and security to each user within your network – anytime, anywhere.

Why is it important?

You gain protection for your important files and regular status updates to prevent, detect, and respond to possible threats and speed up content delivery.

What is managed web hosting?

Managed Website & Email Hosting

Premier IT Minnesota is a web hosting service-provider that makes available the technologies and services needed for your website to exist on the Internet.

Why is it important?

A safe and readily available website located on an affordable, well-managed server is critical to your ability to serve your clients. Premier IT Minnesota provides the latest technology, including speed optimization and offsite backups.