Managed Backup & Recovery

Get safe, secure, extensive data protection with Premier IT, so you never have to lose a file again.

Keep Data Safe with Premier IT Backups and Recovery

At Premier IT, our expert team ensures your data is safe, secure, and has extensive protection. With secure backups done daily and a knowledgeable team at your disposal when you accidentally clear information, you never have to lose a file again.


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Premier IT Backup and Recovery Benefits

Premier IT provides proven local and cloud-based backup technology. Using our technicians as your backup and recovery team has numerous benefits for your business. Here are some of the biggest advantages you can look forward to by choosing us:

  • Get confirmed backups daily
  • Secure important, confidential information
  • Recover deleted files faster
  • Explore tailored IT backup solutions
  • Monitor data constantly
  • Daily status reports are reviewed daily
  • Run real-time, nightly, or weekly backups
  • View daily status reports
  • Discover low-cost options starting with 250 GB
  • Choose cost-effective online storage options for any amount of data
  • Try affordable data pool sharing with your organization

Premier IT manages your data and can save you from making time-consuming, often costly mistakes. If you prefer to keep your data local, we also offer offline monitored backup plans (USB or Network Attached Storage.) By working with experienced IT professionals at Premier, we help you solve problems before they happen.


Secure Managed Cloud Backup

Our expert information technology experts at Premier IT want you to be confident in your backup strategy. We bring a customized menu of the best options for cloud-based backup, tailored to your company’s unique needs. Your backups are monitored daily, by professional technicians, to ensure they are completed successfully.

Do You Need Managed Backup and Recovery Solutions?

Secure, offsite back-ups are a business-critical tool for recovery in the event of many types of disasters—from hurricanes to fires to ransomware attacks. While the decision to support your data with professionally managed backup and recovery solutions is your company’s, we’re always going to be firm supporters of the service. Too many companies lose precious information because they stubbornly decline to back up their data. In our opinion, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

By pairing up with our Premier IT professionals, you’ll have a tailored selection of the best options for local, offsite, and cloud-based backups specially designed for your company’s needs. We protect your most important files and regular status updates to prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats. Furthermore, we create and maintain a monitored backup plan for offline Network Attached Storage. If these are services you’d like to protect your business with, contact us today to get started.


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