Computer & Network Management

Installation, Upgrade, Troubleshoot and Repair for your business IT systems

Computer & Network Support

Maximize employee productivity by ensuring that any device connected to your network that can send and receive communications is protected from potential data security threats. Any desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, POS system, app, or server is an endpoint. Altogether, these make up a complex system with many entry points. We provide the protection you need through the latest security patches, compliance checks, license management, and identification of technology spread.


Premier IT can partner with you, or work on your behalf, to provide the latest security patches, compliance checks, license management, identification of technology spread, and more.

  • Automated Windows patch management and security updates keep your software secure and current.
  • Automated third-party software security updates further manage any customized software in place on your network.
  • Device Health Checking monitors endpoint status in these areas:
    • Antivirus present, active, current definitions,
    • Anti-malware present, active, current update,
    • Windows performance metrics with automated resolution.