IT Leadership & Planning

Running your business is stressful. Planning and executing a technology strategy is stressful. Don’t take on both. Our IT Leadership and Planning services create comprehensive plans that ensure your systems run smoothly, stay up-to-date, and shake off any security threat that comes their way.

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We handle all the planning parts of your IT and tech needs for your organization, including:

  • Acting as a virtual CTO/CIO

  • Creating plans for maintenance, growth and regulatory compliance

  • Security disaster recovery

  • Interfacing with other leadership roles in the org

  • Representing the company to outside stakeholders or vendors

  • Managing and overseeing all IT services

Maintenance and technical support are the “doing” part of our work, this is the thinky part. Focus your brainpower on where it matters - your business. We’ll handle the rest.

Network Audit

Identify gaps, areas for improvement, and get a plan for the future

See how our IT Leadership and Planning Solutions work with our complimentary Network Audit. A Professional Solutions Advisor will come on-site to audit and analysis your technology systems to create a comprehensive report of what’s working, what isn’t working, and a plan for the future.


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