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On-Premise vs. Private Cloud

There’s no doubt that the cloud has made business easier and, for the most part, safer for organizations around the world — and their clients. This is especially true during the pandemic, with remote work being the norm. But not every cloud solution is the same.

Affordability, accessibility, and security are all considerations, and having an understanding of the cloud types is important.

The obvious difference between on-premise and private clouds is location. On-premise software is actually installed in-house. There is zero third-party involvement. With that added control comes added responsibility, as well as the need to purchase additional operating systems, database software, and power servers.

Software not stored in-house is referred to as “cloud” computing. It’s accessed via the internet and purchased through cloud service providers. Those service providers typically offer both private and public cloud solutions.

For more information, this article gives a head-to-head comparison of on-premise vs. private clouds:

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