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How Managed Backup Solutions Can Save Your Business

Have you ever hit the delete button too quickly and had that panic moment? We've all been there when you delete the wrong email or picture, but luckily, with modern technology, it's typically a simple fix to recover what you've lost. Now imagine, out of your control, all of your business's most critical data, files, and information is suddenly gone, whether wrongfully mishandled or maliciously attacked. This is precisely why keeping your company's vital information secure with managed backup solutions is essential.

Why Businesses Need to Protect Their Data with Managed Backup

In today's digital landscape, the threat to data security is at an all-time high as cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated and targeted. In fact, recent statistics shared by Vonahi Security, reveal an alarming two in three SMBs suffered a security breach in the last year. These attacks are not only happening more frequently but are also more damaging than ever before.

Security of Sensitive Data

Safeguarding sensitive data and applications is imperative for organizations. In industries such as healthcare and finance, IT compliance is even more regulated, and backing up data properly is required. Working with an experienced managed service provider (MSP), businesses can entrust data security to professionals to protect their data against unauthorized access.

Beyond malicious security attacks, businesses face additional concerns with the security of their data, including the impact of power outages, equipment failures, and even natural disasters. These unforeseen events can pose significant risks to sensitive data and a business's overall stability.

Here are some of the benefits to implementing managed backup solutions:

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