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Are Managed IT Services Right For You?

You may be wondering if Managed IT is right for you. How do you know for sure?

It all starts with assessing your current IT challenges and your business goals. Most small and mid-sized businesses are not equipped with the in-depth knowledge and resources needed to keep their company's technology infrastructure running smoothly, securely and efficiently. This is why many SMBs will find value in working with an experienced managed IT provider and benefit from outsourcing their IT services, from hardware to software and everything in between.

What Exactly is Managed IT?

Managed IT services involve the delegation of an organization's IT functions to an external partner, typically referred to as a managed service provider (MSP). This can include helpdesks, backups, risk evasion and much more. These providers oversee and administer the complete IT infrastructure of an organization, delivering a range of services, including security, data backups, continuous monitoring, and technical support. Managed service providers may also supply businesses with their technology equipment, including servers, networks, and storage systems.

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Often, businesses take that first step to outsourcing one aspect of IT, such as management of your company’s cloud infrastructure. From there, many companies proceed to add more services and features as they grow.

Maximize Efficiency with Premier IT's Managed Services

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Benefits of Managed IT Services

By partnering with a managed IT provider, these businesses can tap into extensive expertise, round-the-clock monitoring, and cost-effective solutions, ensuring their technology operations are not only well-maintained but also optimized for growth and success. Managed IT services can include a range of support, including helpdesk assistance for immediate problem resolution, regular data backups to safeguard critical information, proactive patching to ensure software security, and strategic risk evasion measures. One of the many advantages of working with a managed service provider (MSP) is that they are always current in regard to the latest trends and regulations. Additionally, they likely work faster and with greater accuracy than your in-house team might.

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Managed IT services take the guesswork out of keeping your systems up-to-date and operating at optimal levels. Outsourcing this work can also free up your employees who may be assisting with tech issues that are needed in other areas of your business. Weighing all factors, an up-to-date team that’s available 24/7/365 brings so many advantages that managed IT services are a worthy investment for many organizations.

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This is an updated blog post that was originally published in 2021.

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