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Why Small Businesses Must Deal with Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

Why should small businesses pay attention to cybersecurity? Remote workers may access company-wide systems via unsecured networks and devices, and malware can hide anywhere including MS Office and Adobe!

Firms employing cybersecurity best practices have 4-fold fewer cyberattacks and are better at fixing and reducing the impact of breaches. Companies should invest in technology not only for operational function, speed, and capacity, but also to protect systems, data, and accounts.

What can individuals do? 1) Stick to credible websites to avoid malware and viruses. 2) Delete unnecessary apps, browsers, and software to reduce targets and prevent malicious code from operating in the background. And 3) be smart about passwords to prevent ID theft.

Operating a tight ship around cybersecurity safeguards data and systems, letting you and your employees focus on your products and customers. Premier IT can help you operate securely and let you focus on what you’re in business to do. Reach out to us at 763.453.6800.