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Top 10 Worldwide IT Industry 2021 Predictions

Emerging from the shadow of a largely disruptive 2020 may be cause for celebration on both a societal and commercial level, but the clock is already ticking on the next few years and what they may hold for the IT industry.

No less a market intelligence source than the International Data Corporation has put together a list of its Top 10 Worldwide IT Predictions for 2021 and beyond. The list covers a range of topics from the cloud to AI to underinvestment, but one, in particular, caught my eye.

“In 2022, enterprises focused on digital resiliency will adapt to disruption and extend services to respond to new conditions 50% faster than ones fixated on restoring existing business/IT resiliency levels.”

The term “digital resiliency” is likely one we’ll be hearing a lot in the next few years. Basically, we can’t look to maintain the status quo; we have to respond to the trials and disruptions of 2020 by becoming more nimble, adaptable, and open to change.

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In the meantime, here’s the full IDC predictions list: