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The Pandemic Increased Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

As painful as it is, the odds are that you’ll fall victim to a cyberattack one day. Think of what this could do to your business, not only due to funds and data lost or compromised, but also the reactions of clients when they’re told that their information was compromised due to a lack of proactive cybersecurity.

Cybercriminals are banking on the hopes that we’ll leave our online presence exposed, especially during the pandemic. With the over 150% increase in remote jobs, combined with the lack of remote work preparation from employers, this is an ideal environment for cybercrime.

The more we work online, shop online, and socialize online, the happier we’re making the data miners who are trying to guess our logins and gain access to our personal information. We can’t just cross our fingers and hope we’ll be OK — we have to protect ourselves. And businesses of all sizes have the added pressure of safeguarding all the information their clients trust them with.

There is a strong need to continue to invest in IT to make sure nothing goes amiss. Our experts at Premier IT know exactly how to help. Give us a call at 763.453.6800.