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Now’s the Time to Revisit WFH Cybersecurity

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to shift to remote work, cybercriminals have spotted an opportunity to exploit corporate networks. No longer is your data protected behind the moat and drawbridge of the fortress you’ve worked so hard to build. Home networks, public Wi-Fi, smart home devices, and more all open the door to savvy criminals just waiting to access your system to see what they can exploit.

If that wasn’t enough, employees may be using corporate laptops more often for personal reasons. And if one employee opens an email that persuades them to click on a link or attachment, they could inadvertently be installing malware or delivering their username and password to cyber criminals on a silver platter.

Cybersecurity is nothing without employee education, especially considering the fact that working from home is the new norm. Employees who can’t spot suspicious activity will unwillingly invite cybercriminals into your network and compromise your reputation.

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