Computer Backups Are Critical

You only need to fail to do good backups one time to be a life-long advocate of the practice. There are systems available for a DIY approach. But, when your livelihood depends on it, please be sure to consult with experts who can ensure it’s done regularly and correctly

Two basics to remember:

Always use the 3-2-1 rule: 3 copies of your data on two different devices, and with one off-site.

Never rely on Dropbox or Google Drive for backups. They are too pricey to provide backup for your entire computer. Plus, there is no private encryption key, so they are not recommended for storing private documents. They are best used for syncing files across devices.

This article provides an overview Your simplest option is Windows free File History backup utility. Its tweakable settings let you customize backup frequency and how long files are kept. It runs in the background to back up your entire drive, including the operating system & system folders.

Backups are important for everyone. But they are critical for small businesses, solopreneurs, and independent contractors who absolutely rely on the integrity of their computers and their files.

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