Ransomware Is Preventable

Unfortunately it’s become more common to hear about major ransomware attacks and companies that have been hacked. It’s a grim reminder that companies and networks can be attacked at any time with serious impacts.

While it could be unlikely that your business is attacked and extorted for money by a criminal hacking group, the signs point to these events occurring more frequently and impacting more companies in the future.

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts the files on a device. It renders files and systems unusable while the bad actors that hold the keys to decryption demand a ransom. You can’t access your data. You are held hostage.

One important thing to know—ransomware is preventable. It typically starts with an email that convinces a user to download a file, provide sensitive login information, or otherwise grant access. No matter how the matter is resolved, the victim might never get full use of their date again.

It is critical to implement proper security measures to protect your network, your data, and your customers’ private information. Reach out to Premier IT at 763.453.6800 for expert guidance.


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