How to Choose a Cloud Storage & Backup Provider
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Cloud storage can be perfect for so many technical issues. It allows you to share resources among staff and mitigate data risk. It makes it possible to access your files from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

But not all cloud storage systems are created equal. The article below shares tips for picking the best service for your company’s needs. First, consider what those needs are. How many users will access the same files? Do you want to access your files quickly or are you looking for secure storage of duplicate and archived materials? How much storage will you need?

You’ll want to know what built-in security features are being offered.

Then there is the question of where the data is actually being stored (HINT: It’s not in the sky.) There are performance considerations. Any cloud storage or cloud backup platform that will store your files far from your base of operations or customers will likely result in slow transfer times when uploading, accessing, or downloading data.

Lots of questions to consider. Lots of choices to make if you want to find the best fit. As always, Premier IT is here to answer any questions you have about this—or other computer and network needs.


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