82% of Companies Give Third Parties Access to All Cloud Data

According to research done by the Wiz Research team — a team of cloud security professionals from Microsoft — we’re far too trusting of the parties we do business with. In fact, over 80% of companies provide 3rd party vendors with access to information and data on their cloud — which may cause both a security risk and a privacy risk. It’s scary to think of how many people may have access to our private data at this very moment.

Plus over 75% of companies have third-party roles that all for complete account takeover. What’s more, 9 in 10 cloud security teams had no idea this was even happening!

“Security teams need to focus on ‘Minimizing the risk of 3rd parties in your cloud environment’ because it provides room for a supply chain attack and can even lead to compliance risks,” says Shir Tamari, Head of Research at Wiz.

Reducing the permissions provided to 3rd parties is an immediate call to action for the industry and a shared responsibility between customers and vendors.

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