Preventing an Email Outage

Have you had an email outage? We’ve recently received several calls from customers with email issues – here’s what we’ve learned.

Email outages are occurring after web developers inadvertently make changes to DNS records. So, when you are having website updates or development work done, there are two important steps to take:

1. Keep your IT group informed of web development work.

2. Ensure your technical partners are collaborating. This is especially true for IT teams and web development, which is usually outsourced.

As one of our customers said “I have a love/hate relationship with email, but it’s a necessity. It was so frustrating and a major disruption to my business when my email went down. Premier IT was a lifesaver! They got back to me right away and were able to quickly diagnose and correct the issue.”

Please reach out to us with your IT questions – whether it’s email operation, hardware selection and software implementation, or network design and security. We welcome your call at 763.453.6800.


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