The Old Way of Handing Out Corporate Hardware Doesn’t Work Anymore

A year ago, supporting a mobile workforce meant assigning a laptop and trusting that they’d use it wisely. For most businesses, mobile hardware was reserved for mobile workers, like those in sales and support—not employees who primarily work at a desk. The more employees work from home, the more they’re becoming accustomed to crouching over a laptop or finding room in their workspace for not only their laptop but a monitor and keyboard as well. Have you asked them how that’s working?

How’s it working for you? Is your staff making trips to the office for replacement laptops? Is IT staff constantly replacing batteries? Are laptops overheating? Is your workforce suffering from ergonomic-related health issues? If it hasn’t happened yet, it may soon – it’s probably a good time to reassess your approach to corporate hardware.

A solution like an all-in-one desktop may be less expensive to support, for example. Or maybe there’s a solution that can better account for the size of your team and what their needs are. Premier IT can help businesses choose software and hardware solutions that improve performance and increase security, all while considering the budget. We welcome your call at 763.453.6800.


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