Cyberattacks Target Small Businesses

While it may be natural to assume that large businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals, that’s not the case. It’s actually small businesses they target most.

Hackers know that small businesses assume they’re safe from cyberattacks and, therefore, put cybersecurity on the backburner. Additionally, they know many small businesses don’t prioritize hiring knowledgeable IT experts to safeguard their assets or training employees how to spot a threat.

Just like you prioritize office furniture and laptops, you need to prioritize cybersecurity. If not, you’ll soon notice the new threats to small businesses in the face of coronavirus scams.

Some popular coronavirus scams unprotected small businesses are seeing include:

1. Unemployment scams
2. SBA website spoofing and loan scams
3. Charity scams

Hackers are relentless. They will continue to prey on small businesses until they’re caught, and catching them is incredibly difficult.

Besides safeguarding your hardware and network, training your employees to recognize cyber threats is on top of the list of things small businesses can do to reduce their threats. Let Premier IT help. Call us at 763.453.6800.


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