Trellance (formerly OnApproach)

Sep 24, 2019 | Testimonials

“Premier IT Minnesota is the most responsive IT group that I have worked with. They are very patient, capable, knowledgeable, and responsive – they seem to respond almost 24-hours a day.”

Dianne Kruse

Integration Executive, Trellance (formerly OnApproach)

Owner, Alan Altepeter launched Premier IT Minnesota in 2017.  Alan’s business of providing expert IT support was built on longstanding client relationships with companies like OnApproach M360 Enterprise. Alan’s connection to OnApproach really began in 2011 when he started independently managing their end-user support administration.  Over the years, IT support for OnApproach grew to include remote assistance, file sharing, and intermedia email administration. Dianne Kruse joined OnApproach, the same year that Alan opened his business, she said, “at the time I didn’t even realize that Premier iT was going through a business change of any kind because the transition was so seamless.”

Premier IT Minnesota helped OnApproach, the data analytics model platform company, through its own transition in 2019 when they merged with Trellance, the leading data analytics company for credit unions.  After the merger Dianne, assumed the new role of Integration Executive, overseeing the integration of the two businesses. “Trellance’s original IT group was supposed to be the lead on the merger transition, and Premier iT was OnApproach’s representative. In the planning meetings, the VP of IT at Trellance more and more would ask Alan and his team what they thought – because they offer potential solutions – which is very helpful when you are struggling through something.”

During a recent migration issue, Dianne stated that not only did Premier IT Minnesota tackle the issue, but they were a pleasure to work with at the same time. “Premier iT put together a very comprehensive training document. But people still had questions because everyone had software variations due to the different laptops they were working on. Alan and his team patiently took everybody through it, and got everyone up to speed.” Dianne said that Premier IT Minnesota demonstrates their knowledge of the systems but also makes the material easy to understand. They are good at explaining things, and they are very patient and very nice to work with. I mean… I have had other IT groups that act like, ‘oh man, you don’t understand that?’ or ‘oh someone is having that problem again?’ It just feels like you are bothering them. With Premier iT, it just works so well. Everyone here just loves them so much. It’s a really great fit. It’s a really, really great relationship.”

Due to the extensive, complex, and highly-sensitive data that OnApproach and Trellance need integrated between the two companies’ systems, Dianne said that having a knowledgeable and reliable team has made all the difference. “they know our business… they understand our business and they are concerned with making sure our systems work… that people are able to connect… that we can connect with our clients. You can just depend on them to get things done. They are very responsive. If you’ve got a problem… they either pick up the phone and get right back to you. They are either over at the office or they login to your computer and work with you in real time to fix the problem. They keep the business going.”

“Premier iT proposes good solutions – that solve the problem. All I can say is that you are sitting there with a tough problem… and Premier iT brings forth solutions to solve the problems that you are facing.”
Dianne Kruse

Integration Executive, Trellance (formerly OnApproach)


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