Trellance (formerly OnApproach)

Aug 12, 2019 | Testimonials

“We wouldn’t want to work with anyone else because of the relationship we have with Premier iT, and the quality of the work that Alan and his team put out.”

Anne Searle

Executive Assistant, Trellance (formerly OnApproach)

OnApproach M360 Enterprise is a collaborative, analytic data model platform that allows credit unions to integrate all points of a customer’s credit data into a single source. Trellance is the leading data analytics company for credit unions servicing over 4,000 credit unions nationwide. In 2019, the Minnesota based startup, OnApproach was acquired by Trellance, which is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

Since 2011, Premier iT has provided OnApproach with end-user technical support. Anne Searle, who has worked at OnApproach as Executive Assistant for over 11-years, said, “When we first started with Premier IT, we were a small company, there were lots of things that weren’t on our radar at the time. When Alan, the owner of Premier iT, first came to do an assessment, he advised us of what we needed, which we recognized – yes we really did need.”

By 2018, Premier iT was managing support roles for OnApproach which included remote assistance, file sharing, and intermedia email administration. When preparing for the merger with Trellance, and throughout the transition process, Premier iT helped both companies navigate complex technology issues. They oversaw the file back-up, email migration, wireless connectivity, product continuity, and security procedures. “Premier iT really got us on track. They setup our security. They made sure that everything was ready before the email migration. They made sure our data was all backed-up – they made sure that our data was right before we moved over to the other system.”

According to Anne, Premier iT worked around the clock with staff in Minnesota and Florida. Alan and his team offered a personal touch by holding in-person trainings and trouble-shooting calls, “they came in and spent the whole day with us to get us acclimated. They made sure everyone’s information migrated correctly.” Premier iT also collaborated with Trellance’s in-house IT personnel to ensure that everyone was brought up to speed and that everything came together.

“The transition has gone smoothly because if them,” Anne said, because everyone at Premier iT has been professional, reliable and helpful. Anne said she was having trouble thinking of anything to find fault with in their work. I was wracking my brain to think of something that they do that is wrong. I even asked my colleagues about Premier iT. Can you give me an example of a negative about them, and I haven’t gotten one yet.”

It was a relief to have the team at Premier iT in those early days and during the merger. As Anne put it she knows that with any other challenge that may come along, “Premier iT could really turn a hand to anything that we need help with. They are trustworthy, they are fair, they are knowledgeable, they give you options, and they make everything simple to understand for people like me who are not that technical.”

“Again, I was thinking if there are any negatives about working with Alan and his team. And honestly I can’t find any. I can truly say, 100% no there isn’t. I can say lots and lots of good things. Alan and his team are so responsive… even on the weekends.”

Anne Searle

Executive Administrator, Trellance (formerly OnApproach)


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